Rules and conditions

All top-up/withdrawal operations are made only with the prior order on our website. According to the exchange rules and requirements, all operations are automatically verified: pay attention, you should have a WebMoney certificate not less than a formal one to be able to transfer money from/to your personal e-wallet! From the date of registration in the WebMoney system (not to be confused with the date of receipt of the certificate) must be at least 7 days.

If the transaction requires cash, please bring your passport, on which the WebMoney certificate was received.

Top-up/withdrawal operations which are made through the bank account are transferred to the account only if the name and surname mentioned in the WebMoney certificate coincide with the name and surname of the owner of the account, from/on which money will be transferred.

All verification procedure is automatically done by WebMoney server. Our operator does not have any access to your personal data on WebMoney server. Since your order is made, our website automatically sends a request to WebMoney server, which responds later on whether all data is coincided or not.

Therefore, if your order is accepted on our website, it means that the verification is completed.

When one transaction is successfully completed, the client is considered as a registered user of our services. All registered users have an access to special rates and to easier document verification.
0,8 % WebMoney fee (but no more than 50 WMZ) is always paid by the sender, i.e. buying WebMoney the fees are paid by our exchange office, while selling WebMoney fees are paid by the merchant.