How to register in WebMoney payment system?

12.09.2016, 16:46

Webmoney is the most popular and the safest payment system. Multilevel confirmation system for every step minimizes the break-in risk.

Registering in Webmoney

To register in Webmney, you need to open its website and click “Sign Up” button. First of all, the system requires to fill in your mobile phone number. Type it in and click “Proceed” button. Then, the system offers to complete a simple form and enter your personal passport data. Before proceeding further, make sure to write down the control question and answer and keep them safe, otherwise you won’t be able to recover the password! Click “Proceed”; a registration code will be sent to the given email box, which you need to copy and enter in the required field. Then, you will receive another code on the provided mobile phone, which also should be specified in the empty field. The last registration step is a password; it’s advisable to think of a complicated one, consisting of both letters and numbers and write it down securely as well.

Setting a Passport

After registering, you need to obtain a Formal passport in order to continue operating seamlessly in this payment system. Proceed to Settings and click a pencil next to the “Passport” line. Peruse and enter the required data, which is missing, and click “Proceed”. A control panel will appear, presenting your personal data, WMID and, which is the most important, indicating that the Formal passport has been obtained. It’s recommended to upload scans of your passport data and tax reference.

All done.

Operating purses

To start working with the payment system, you need to determine the service you are going to operate. There are three of them:
- Standard Keeper (Mini),
- Classic Keeper (WinPro),
- Light Keeper (WebPro).

Standart Keeper (Mini) – the most simple and stripped down system, the basic service. It includes minimum available functions with purses, it has a top-up and withdraw limits as well and is the most insecure.
Classic Keeper (WinPro) – a program, which requires installation. The installation process is quite a complicated one; not every user will be able to cope with installing and configuring it on a personal computer all by himself. Enhanced security level – is the advantage of this service.
Light Keeper (WebPro) – a kind of analogue to Classic Keeper (WinPro), but it’s an online version. It requires the Personal passport and E-NUM. To work in this service, move to Settings – Security and click “Create account” button, opposite to E-NUM line. Then, click “go to personal account”, where you are to type in your email address and select “SMS-confirmation” and press “Login”. When you receive an SMS containing the code, type it in (it is a single-use code, which you will receive when authorizing).

Authorization can be made simpler by installing the Mobile Client application. To do this, you need to proceed to “Mobile Client” menu on E-NUM page and download this application to your Android smartphone or tablet and configure it, then, enter your email address and click “Forgot activation code?”. After that, you will get an SMS confirmation of activation code reset and an email for confirming the operation. After the confirmation you will receive a code on your phone; type it in the required field and enter. The application workspace will open. The program is quite simple and user-friendly. From now on, when authorizing, you need to indicate that it should be done via mobile client. To do this, type the challenge value, click “Yes”, the program will generate the response value. That’s it, you have entered the program. Very simple and convenient.

Let’s configure Light Keeper (WebPro). Login Webmoney – Settings – WebPro. Enter your mobile phone number and click “Send SMS”. Press “Settings” and enter the SMS password, then, type in E-NUM response value (further, you will need only the response value), fill in “Password” field, click “Next” and you will find yourself on website. Here there are two options for authorization: using E-NUM or via login and password. You can find WMID (login) in settings, however, it’s advisable to write it down and memorize. Fill in login and password fields, select E-NUM and click “Login”, here we are to enter the response value and you will get to Light Keeper.

First of all, the program will offer you to create a purse (WMR – rubles, WMZ – dollars, WME – euros, WMU – hryvnias). Think of a name for your purse and click “Create”. To every purse a number is assigned, consisting of the first letter (currency) and 12 numbers.

Personal passport

To receive a Personal passport you need to login Webmoney system, using Internet Explorer, and select E-NUM. Click “Request the challenge value”, type the response value and then “Authorize”.

On a new page you need to proceed to website and enter your login, password, response value and authorize. A tab containing the purses will open. Press the gearwheel to the right, then, “Security” and “Request passport”. On your email you will receive letters with a source to proceed to and a password that you should enter on a page, to which the link will forward you. Click “Recover” button. In an opened window re-type your email address and press “Prolong registration”, agree and click “Start”. Now it’s ready, you have issued the certificate. Click “Start” once again and the system will return to Light Keeper (WebPro).

That’s it; you have successfully verified and protected your Webmoney account. Use it and enjoy!