How to receive WebMoney certificate

27.04.2016, 16:30

In order to get a formal certificate, you should fill in your personal details in the Center of Certification. To enter the personal data on the website, you should have WebMoney Keeper Classic or WebMoney Keeper Light.

In the section To get a new certificate, choose To get a formal certificate. Enter your passport details, registrations data, contact telephone number (you will get SMS with the code to this number!) Make sure you fill in the data exactly as in your passport, no abbreviations or errors are accepted. If there are Russian letters in your passport, write in Russian. If you have a document in the Czech language and with the Czech letters, replace them with the relevant English ones. For example, instead of Ř write R, instead of Ž write Z, instead of Č write C, instead of Á – A and so on. Please, be extremely careful when filling in the forms, as inaccurate, incorrect, abbreviated writing could lead to difficulties in using the system and there might be the need to go through other procedures to correct the data.